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Reigning Catz and Dogz features Artisans throughout the U.S.  We seek out the “Best of the Best” who create top quality uniquely individualized items for Pets and Pet Lovers.  There is so much talent to share.


November 2012

Julia E Sokol


 Julia E Sokol, a Philadelphia artist, creates whimsical eye-catching art for the home.


Reigning Catz and Dogz features Julia E Sokol art!  

"It is my belief that every home deserves some fun, funky, functional art."  

The artist creates her works from high resolution color laser reproductions mounted on masonite.  A special coating is used for long lasting protection.  The beaded and charm embellishments are placed on some of her pieces by hand giving them that one-of-a-kind look and feel.


The artist makes special gifts for the pet lover.  Her footstools and pet feeders designed for cats and dogs are made from hand cut and sanded poplar wood.   

Guaranteed to spark conversation and stimulate SMILES!!


"Let loose and display your humorous, more colorful side."  Each piece is titled and signed by the artist.  Enjoy her many creations! 


 Find these items:

Cat Lovers Gifts - Foot Stools, Light Switch Plate Covers, and Pendulum Clock SMILES  

Dog Lovers GiftsFoot Stools, Light Switch Plate Covers, and Pendulum Clock SMILES  

For Your Pet - Cat and Dog Leash Holders, Leash and Key Holders, and Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs. 



Special 10% discount on all Julia E Sokol gift items

Now through November 30th!


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